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Master's 7000 Series

The perfect combination of style and comfort.

  • MAIN FRAME AND SASH EXTRUSIONS are made durable and solid with virgin vinyl (PVC) powder. Plus, an exclusive extrusion cooling process assures consistent performance.
  • WHITE PINE WOOD MAIN FRAME SUBSTRUCTURE combined with vinyl cladding provides an effective thermal barrier.
  • VERTICAL SASH COMPONENTS ARE METAL REINFORCED for added structural strength.
  • Extra deep WEATHERSTRIPPED INTEGRAL INTERLOCKS at meeting stiles for added protection against air infiltration.
  • DOUBLE WEATHERSTRIPPING AND VINYL BULB SEAL provide superior weather resistance.
  • LOW PROFILE SOLID ALUMINUM SILL COVER for added strength and durability.
  • TRIPLE-SCREW, BUTT-JOINT FRAME CONSTRUCTION offers maximum strength, no drafty gaps at corners.
  • Moving Panels slide on DUAL ADJUSTABLE BRASS WHEELS with steel ball bearings for smooth movement.
  • Standard 7/8" THICK INSULATING GLASS UNIT with double-strength tempered glass improves year-round thermal energy performance.
  • DUAL DUROMETER GLAZING SYSTEM absorbs shock and offers extra weather protection.
  • HEAVY-DUTY FIBERGLASS SCREEN with aluminum frames features an adjustable, independent wheel system in all four corners and a controlled spring tension system for smooth sliding without derailment.
  • The VINYL COLOR is formulated through and through. The beautiful luster lasts, making the doors virtually maintenance-free. No pitting, corroding, peeling, chipping, rotting or painting!
  • Patio Doors are offered in STANDARD WIDTHS AND CONFIGURATIONS. 2-Lite Doors in 5, 6 and 8-foot widths, 3-Lite Doors in a 9, and 12-foot widths and a 4-Lite Door is 10, 12, and 16 foot widths with center panels that open to each side.
white pine wood main frame substructure

metal reinforced components

double weatherstripping and vinyl bulb seal

solid aluminum sill cover

dual adjustable brass wheels

thick insulating glass unit
  • LoE2 Glass with Argon Gas.
  • Standard grids.
  • Designer brass hardware.

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