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Sovereign Fusion Welded Vinyl Windows- With Optional Easy Swing and Clean Slders.
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There's a unique feeling of confidence that comes from knowing your home has Sovereign windows from Revere. Windows that are not only beautiful, their fusion welded vinyl sash and main frame structure makes them incredibly strong and tough as well. Years of operation and harsh weather won't diminish their quality or performance. Cleaning is a breeze with the Swing and Clean Option

Peace of mind is fusion-welded into every Sovereign window.

  MULTIPLE INSULATING AIR CHAMBERS help to reduce conduction and increase energy efficiency.
  QUAD-4 WEATHERSTRIPPING at the header for added protection from the elements.
  INSULATED GLASS UNIT with PPG INTERCEPT™ WARM EDGE SPACER SYSTEM improves the window's year-round performance.
  METAL REINFORCEMENT for added strength at the meeting rails.
  MEETING RAIL INTERLOCK gives protection from the weather as well as added security.
  INSULATED FOAM EXTRUSIONS provide superior energy efficiency.
  DROP IN INTERIOR GLAZING with lift rail is protected from the elements.
  INSULATED BULB SEAL for superior protection from air and water infiltration
  SLOPED SILL helps water drain to the exterior of the window.
  HIDDEN SCREEN TRACK creates a clean-line appearance.
Double Hung Cut Away
  • TILT-IN SASHES for ease of cleaning.
  • FULL BALANCE COVERS help protect against air infiltration and add a finished look to the window interior.
  • DURALIFT™ block and tackle balance system ensures years of easy, smooth operation of the sash.
  • TRIPLE-BARRIER WEATHERSTRIPPING at all sash points for protection from air, water, dirt and noise infiltration.
  • COLOR-COORDINATED TILT LATCHES, LOCK AND KEEPER for a clean, consistent appearance.
  • Color-coordinated DUAL VENT LOCKS limit the movement of the sashes from the interior and exterior while allowing for ventilation.

  • Swing and Clean Sliders for easy cleaning, full ventilation and emergency exits.
  • ENERGY STAR® compliant BarrierXP: Insulated Glass Package combines PPG Solarban 60 glass with Argon Gas and a High Performance PPG Intercept™ Warm Edge Spacer System for added thermal efficiency.
  • Available in light or dark woodgrain interior which includes brass hardware.
  • All models available in white or beige.

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